Máy đo tốc độ INBIKE 2.8inch bằng thép không gỉ

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Nguyen Hung
Ideal outdoors
Ideal outdoors
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Thông số kỹ thuật Máy đo tốc độ INBIKE 2.8inch bằng thép không gỉ

This 2.8 inch wide bike wireless computer with LCD backlight makes it easy to read during day and night. It is multifunctional and easy to operate with touch mode, great for your riding trip.

2.8 inch wide screen with LCD backlight, can be seen clearly during day and night.
Smart chip and stable performance, the data won't be lost when power is off.
Easy to control with mode touch, ideal companion for your bicycle.
IPX6 waterproof, will not be affected in rainy days.
Multifunction, easy to operate. Three interfaces for different functions.
Auto stand-by and auto wake-up. Identify bicycle movements automatically.
Long battery endurance, only need one 2032 button battery(included) to support power.
Available for two bicycles, press M key for 6 seconds to switch between 1 and 2.
Suitable for most of bicycles with handlebar diameter between 25-31.5mm.

Material: Plastic
Battery: CR2023 button battery
Protect Rate: IPX6
Color: Black
Dimensions: 7 * 5cm / 2.8 * 2in
Weight: 170g / 6oz
Package Size: 10.5 * 7.5 * 6cm / 4.1 * 3 * 2.4in

Memory Function
SPD Current Speed
AVS Average Speed
MXS Max Speed
ODO Odometer
TM Trip Riding Time
TEM Temperature
SW Stop Watch
Auto Stand-by/Auto Wake Up
Speed Tendency
Low Power Indicator(2.5V)
DST Trip Distance
KM, M Selectable
Maintenance Reminder
Fat Fat Burn Measurement
Two Bicycle Using

Package List:
1 * Computer
1 * Wireless Extension Mount
1 * Wireless Sensor
6 * Nylon Belts
1 * Magnet
2 * Sponge Pad

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