Đèn sưởi cho bò sát, rùa 75W chăm sóc cải thiện môi trường sống cho hồ cá

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Ideal outdoors
Ideal outdoors
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Thông số kỹ thuật Đèn sưởi cho bò sát, rùa 75W chăm sóc cải thiện môi trường sống cho hồ cá

The lamp is mainly for reptiles and amphibians, as we all know, people need the sun, and animals are no exception. The lamp is just like imitating the sun light. Let the body synthesize vitamin D3, which effectively regulate the absorption of calcium in food, and the shell and bones can maintain health. Lamp heater help to stimulate appetite, improve mobility, and promote breed.

Warm and Care Your Pets: Provides warmth for your reptiles in cold weather, keeping your pets no longer be cold and feel your warmth and love.
Easy to install and Practical: Easy to install and practical for use. The lampshade can prevent animals from scalding, the ceramic lampshade can withstand 200W bulbs, and the bulb is replaceable.
Stimulate Appetite and Improve Mobility: It has obvious prevention and improvement effects on the phenomenon of turtle backs, as well as heating to help digestion.
Suitable for Multiple Pets: Used for reptiles and amphibians, including turtles, lizards, bearded dragons, snakes, frogs, iguanas, tortoises, chuckwalla.
Warranty: If there are any problems, please contact our store in time. We will give you a satisfactory solution. Thank you for your understanding.

Item: Tortoise heat lamp
Material: Metal, ceramic
Bulb thread: E27 (Bulb is included)
Main color: Black
Optional power: 25W, 50W, 75W
Size: lampshade length 17cm, lampshade diameter: 14cm

* Please keep a distance between the light and the reptiles.
* Half an hour a day of lighting time is suitable.
* There could be some deviations due to manual measurement or slight color difference owing to photographing condition. Thank you for your understanding.

Package Information:
Package size: 16*16*19.5cm
Package weight:510g
Gift Box Package

Packing List:
1* Tortoise heat lamp

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